Kind of Picky

1 - Shawn/Carlton fics where Shawn doesn't have any experience with men. No never before mentioned boyfriends, no drunken blowjobs in a bar, no past experience in a gay S&M club. He doesn't necessarily have to be nervous about it but it's definitely a factor.

2 - Fics where Henry has to own up to his rather shitty parenting techniques - where he acknowledges or is forced to acknowledge that his desire to make Shawn into the perfect detective is the very thing that kept him from becoming one and only made Shawn resent authority. Henry isn't some abusive asshole but there's definitely a way to train your gifted child to be observant that doesn't involve trying to take away anything that brings them joy.

3 - Fics where Gus is in danger and Shawn doesn't get all wangsty about it and instead gets straight down to business. Maybe Lassiter and O'Hara are surprised at how serious he is or Henry is completely understanding and knows better than to get in his son's way. Or fics where Shawn and Gus' deep connection gets one or both of them out of a dangerous situation because they understand each other. (i.e. Shawn's been kidnapped and is for whatever reason able to put out ads in the classifieds in a code that only Gus understands; or Gus gets lost in the woods and Shawn is able to track him because he knows how Gus works and what he would do... stuff like that.)

4 - Real Psychic Shawn. Either he's always had psychic powers and keeps them a secret (Henry and Gus can either know the truth or they think he's just hyper-observant) or he gets them during a case or random event and has to learn about them. Preferably something that's not super angst driven/too introspective.

5 - BAMF!Shawn. Fics where Shawn is just operating on another level than the others, ahead of the game, and doesn't need to be rescued or have a rather obvious clue pointed out to them by Henry. Outsider POVs (Carlton, Gus, Juliet, Buzz, Random Barista Who Witnessed A Kidnapping) are a big plus, because they don't have the full picture and it doesn't make sense to them that Shawn left the crime scene to buy donuts and came back with the knowledge that the victim was a loan shark.

Any combination of these also works. No rape/sexual assault of any kind. Background or no Shules. No secret kids.

Gus' s Secret

I'm looking for a specific fic. It about bones of a young girl in a cave and it happened when Gus was young. But no one found it until after Shawn and Gus became private detectives. SBPD thought it was a girl named maybe Angela but the truth is that she ran away maybe with Gus help and the body belong to Gus and his friend bully's sister. I think she was accidentally stab or push. The bully had a knife and was planning to stab Gus or his friend. The only one who knew was Gus, his friend and the bully. I think it shassie pairing. It was on or ao3 because those two sites are only I use to read Psych fanfiction. I think it completed.

Thank You

Is It a Taco?

Hi everyone! Years and years ago (perhaps in the 2008-2012 range) I read a Psych fic, and I can't remember anything about it except that in it, Shawn described a game called "It It a Taco," which he and Gus had made up. (They may have also played the game in the fic, but I think it was only described.) In this game, they'd each load up a taco shell with whatever food they wanted, and then the other person would eat it and decide if it counted as a taco. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It was likely rated G or T; if there was a relationship, it almost certainly would've been either Shawn/Gus or Shawn/Jules; it was probably fairly short; and I have a feeling it may have been on a Psych-specific fic site (perhaps, but I could be wrong about that.

Sorry for the vagueness. Thanks for any help you can provide!


Beta Reader

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but it's one of the more active places I thought I might have a shot.

I'm not looking for a fic; I'm looking for a beta reader. I've been out of the fanfic writing business for a long time and could use some input on a WIP. Warnings: Shassi, child molestation (The story might dance around it, or it might get graphic. Depends where my fingers take it when it gets to that point).

Kidnapped in a taxi

I read a fic a long time ago that I think took place after Juliet found out about Shawn not being psychic. In it Shawn gets kidnapped by several men who drive a taxi and make him ride around in the back seat. I think near the end there's something about his motorcycle and a bridge but that might have been another fic. There's also quite a bit of Shawn whump. It was probably on either or psychfic. Does anyone know?

Fic - Psych Office Break-In

Hi, all!

I’m looking for a fic I read a while ago that I can’t seem to find again.

Basically, Shawn is at the Psych office late one night when two brothers break in (or they may have already been there before he got there - can’t remember) and the older one beats him with a baseball bat while the younger one is yelling for him to stop, because they’re young, live on the street, and don’t want to be split up.
They leave and the older one comes back a day or two later and takes Shawn and Gus hostage.

Also, any fic recommendations of other Psych office break-ins with Shawn whump would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Crossover Psych and Diagnosis Murder

I read crossover Psych and Diagnosis Murder few years ago. It was on, but now story is gone and I don't remember author name.

It was hurt/comfort, friendship and family, Shawn/Lassiter and Steve/Jesse.
There were two connected long stories "The Marriage Proposal" and "Shot by the Past".
First story - Shawn and Lassiter hide their relationship from everyone and played the wedding in secret. As I remember there was detective line with Carlton's ex-wife. She organized an accident with Spencer, his motorbike and snakes/spiders (?)
Second story goes like a second part. Shawn and Lassiter arrived on the coast for a honeymoon, had dinner in BBQ Bob's, ruled by Steve and Jesse. Suddenly there were gun shots, as a result, Lassiter was seriously injured. And spent most time in coma. There was also detective line, Steve Sloan and his team tried to find out who did it to Carlton. Shawn knew the answer, but didn't talk and investigated it alone.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about author/ story or have a copy.



I have been looking for a specific fic/two specific fics, that I read a few years back. Maybe less. Who knows for sure?
Maybe I am confusing two stories for one. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Here is what I remember:

-serialkiller kidnapping definitely: Morgan(CM), Carlton(Psych), Shawn(Psych) and/or/maybe Reid(CM), DiNozzo(NCIS) and someone from CSI (Danny?)
-Killer leaves message: underappreciated (maybe this is another story specific to NCIS? I know for sure this story featured DiNozzo)
-Shawn is kidnapped out of the Psych office fighting and hurting one of the kidnappers, Lassiter out of his bedroom (kidnapper hiding in his closet?) and Morgan I actually don't remember (maybe his hotel suite)
-Shawn wakes with a concussion and bound with handcuffs to Morgan (who has been shot in the leg) and Lassister in a cellar
-all three get tortured for information about a prisoner, for whom they later on should be planning a prisonbreak
-shawn irritates the kidnappers with knowing the specific time at all times (i think)
-later they will be moved to a mountain hut, where i think Lassister gets papercut torture (Lingchi?) and later on is shot because of Shawn (at least he feels responsible?)
-Shawn is able to get his handcuffs from the back to the front (contorting himself)

Acutally when i think about it, it must be two stories. One is the "underaprreciated" one with NCIS and Criminal Minds and the other one only a crossover with criminal minds. I would be happy to read either.


Hope you can help me.

Looking for a Suicide (not really) Fic

Hello people. Years ago I found a fic on It was a Shawn/Lassiter were Lassie was feeling sad and had make a comentary in a crime scene of suicide. Later, feeling that something was wrong Shawn goes until Lassie' houses and see him near to kill himself.
If someone knows what is the name or could send me plz, I really want to read it again!